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History of Taekwang synthetic fiber
  • 2023

    Spandex 96/144End is under development

    Ningxia corporation investment item in progress

  • 2020

    Complete the establishment and development of equipment (80/120End Multi End Pilot) at the end of 2021.

  • 2017

    In April, Spandex Pilot A relocated Ulsan → Changshu November. Begin to produce black spandex

  • 2016

    In April, the second phase increased spandex production.

  • 2015

    In April, the third phase of spandex production continued.

  • 2011

    In January, there was an expansion of spandex production for the fourth time.

  • 2008

    In October, Spandex began to expand production for the third time.

  • 2007

    In October, there was an expansion of spandex production for the second time.

  • 2005

    In January, the first phase of spandex production went into operation.

  • 2003

    In October, Sign the project investment agreement and formulate the regulation.

    In December, the Taekwang Chemical Fiber Enterprise Legal Person License was issued (December 12)